Craig Toonder: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist MFC#42605

Through a variety of psychotherapeutic modalities, I help couples recognize how they get stuck in ineffective communication patterns that perpetuate negative interactions and prevent them from resolving their differences. Once couples gain this understanding of why their communication fails, I help them gain the awareness and skills to de-escalate these patterns and learn to communicate with greater empathy and understanding.  This includes developing a greater understanding for one’s partner, as well as, a deeper understanding of one’s self.

Additionally, research has shown that successful couples do not fight less than stressed couples. Qualities such as friendship, fondness, admiration, dependability, accessibility, shared vision, and trust lie at the heart of every successful relationship. The more a couple cultivates these qualities, the better they become and weathering the storms in life and in their relationship. I help couples recognize what their strengths in their relationship and what area they need improvement in.

While my focus is couples therapy, I work with individuals as well. Additionally, I have studied the psychological and physiological affects of trauma on people who have been in car accidents. I offer a unique style of psychotherapy that focuses on teaching clients how to “recalibrating” their nervous system , removing the effects of the trauma.  For more information on accident trauma, please visit my Accident Trauma page.

I graduated from John F. Kennedy University with a master’s degree in clinical psychology. At John F. Kennedy, I specialized in somatic (mind-body) psychology. I have since trained and assisted in several post-graduate programs in somatic psychotherapy. This allows me to work with clients by addressing the mental, emotional and physical aspects of their struggles and dreams.

For your convenience, you may download several of my office forms from the Getting Started page of this website. I have also provided maps, directions, parking advise, and photographs of my office on my Location page.

If you have any questions about my approach, or how I work, please feel free to contact me by phone at 510 499-7137 or e-mail at ctoondermft [at]

Thank you,
Craig Toonder, MFT