Heart and Earth Meditation

This ten minute meditation designed to quiet mental components of anxiety, release tension and calm the physiological components of anxiety, and reconnect us with a calmer and higher order mental functioning. I recorded it as a ten minute version to make it easily to do a quick reset anytime of the day. Once you learn the skills, I recommend doing longer versions on your own to have a greater impact on one’s general anxiety.

This meditation is recorded to do sitting up.


Earth-Body Points Meditation

This is a more advanced meditation than the body scan meditation. It adds a component of feeling into and releasing tension into the ground as you scan your body. The combination of focusing on and releasing tension into the ground is a great way to reduce the effects of stress and anxiety on the body. Regular practice helps train the nervous system to recalibrate itself to a less “activated” state. This is also a shorter 7.5 minute version. Longer practices produce great benefits.

This meditation is done laying down on one’s back. Knees bent. Hands resting on the abdomen as the elbows rest on the ground. Tension is then released through the feet, the hips, the shoulders and back, the elbows, and the back of the head.


Body Scan

This audio is a basic body scan helping to build general body awareness. Stress often leaves tension in the body that can become chronic over time. Additionally, chronic body tension is one way the body anesthetizes from emotional pain. Building body awareness is thus useful for improving stress reduction techniques, accessing psychological material, and opening to more vulnerability and intimacy with self and other.