Ethics and the Clinical Use of Touch, Part I

Two years ago I was attending an Attachment therapy training and the facilitator spoke of touch as if it were a dangerous thing he would never do. It struck me that someone who values “attachment” would present as “touch phobic.”

There is a common misperception that touch is an illegal or unethical intervention in psychotherapy. This is not true.

As with all interventions, it is the proper use of touch, not touch itself that determines if the therapist is acting according with professional standards.

As “touch-based therapists,” I have decided to help move the industry away from fear-based thinking and towards looking at touch in terms of competency, clinical assessment, and understanding personal or countertransference issues.

I am pleased to announce my first Law and Ethics workshop through the Psycho-Physical Therapy Institute, “Ethics and the Clinical Use of Touch, Part I”

This workshop will explore the ethical and legal issues involving informed consent, documentation, scope of competency, clinical assessment of benefits and risks, and personal, cultural and countertransference issues in the use of touch.

For more information or to register contact me at 510 499-7137

Friday Nov. 15th – 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Tuition: $65

3 CEUs for MFTs and LCSWs





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